19 April 2024

Rules and Responsibilities for CIS Builders

If you’re a self-employed builder, you may be familiar with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Our short guide is here to tell you what your responsibilities […]
19 April 2024

Becoming a Limited Company Director

If you’ve been a building contractor or subcontractor for a while and you feel like you’re ready to take the next step in your career, going limited is […]
19 April 2024

What is a P60?

As another tax year-end looms on the horizon, we’re all trying to get our ducks in a row so we’re ready for it. This includes having […]
19 April 2024

Guide to Travel Expenses for Builders

As a builder, there are certain perks involved with working through your own company, including expenses you can claim. Figuring out what you can and can’t […]
19 April 2024

What is a Subcontractor?

Ever wondered what a subcontractor is? Or are you just hoping to find out how subcontracting works? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. In […]
19 April 2024

What is a BR Emergency Tax Code?

So what’s the BR tax code? Or ‘emergency tax’ as you might know it. For a start, ‘emergency’ isn’t something to get too bent out of […]
19 April 2024

What to do if my Tax Code is Wrong

Tax codes can be a minefield. In a nutshell, your tax code is based on how much income you earn from your employment along with your […]
19 April 2024

What is the K tax code?

Sometimes, workers who get benefits from their employers will be placed on what is known as a K tax code. UK tax codes can be confusing, so […]
19 April 2021

Access Training Featured on ITV

The pandemic has turned everything on its head. Months locked away, millions of people being furloughed and having to put a mask on every time you step […]