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26 June 2017
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16 February 2018

Proof of Income For Your Tax Rebate

Published: 26 June 2017

At Brian Alfred we aim to make processing your tax rebate as easy as possible for you. However, there are still a few things that we need from you in order to be able to pay out your maximum rebate in the quickest time; one of these things is your proof of income for the period of time you’d like to claim tax back for.

We understand that sometimes proof of income can be difficult to obtain, which is why there are a few formats that we’ll accept.

CIS Statements/Summaries

If you’re a CIS worker, sending us your CIS payment and deduction certificate is the best way of proving your income to us. As a subcontractor, you should be given one of these each time you are paid by the contractor you’re currently working for, to give you a breakdown of payments and deductions each time you’re paid.

Find out more about the CIS Payment and Deduction Certificates.


Of course, nothing proves your income quite like a payslip. If you’re PAYE this is likely to be the best way of proving your income and the tax that you’ve paid for your rebate.

Remittance Advice Slip

A remittance advice is something that some contractors might issue to you. This is a proof of payment certificate that in most cases will show the gross amount paid, the tax deducted and the net amount that is due to you. In some cases it might only show the net amount that you would have received. If you do have a remittance advice slip but don’t have any of the other proof of income listed on this page, we can use this when processing your tax rebate.


If you’re a PAYE worker or work under an umbrella company as an employee, you’ll receive a P60 each year. Similarly, if you’ve left a PAYE role to work for yourself under CIS, you can use the P45 you received when leaving your role as an employee to prove your income.

Bank Statements

If you do not have any of the other proof of income documents listed on this page and have no way of getting hold of any, we can use bank statements as your proof of income as a last resort.

Get Your Tax Pack

Now that you know what we can accept as proof of income, you’re almost ready to get the wheels in motion for your tax rebate. Simply request your pack, fill it in, send it back to us and we’ll help you claim back your maximum tax rebate. Nice one, Brian!

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