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21 May 2024
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The Creation of Digit 

Published: 28 May 2024

Some of you may have already seen our good friend Digit floating about. If you’re new round here, let us introduce you!  

Say hello to Digit, all-round expert on bookkeeping and the sidekick that every self-employed professional needs. Being good with numbers, he’s here to assist with your finances and lend a helping hand throughout your accounting journey.

Who is Digit?

So, we know what Digit does. But, who is he? 

Well, when we were designing our mascot, we wanted them to be more than just a lifeless 2D image. We wanted to create something that really stood out and jumped off the page, something that struck a balance between professional and supportive. In this industry, it’s easy to get caught up in complex jargon and office-speak which sometimes permeates into the way we behave as people too. Research shows that forming an emotional connection can take a corporate item or image to the next level. Why? It creates a comforting and friendly atmosphere conducive to happy and healthy working environments.  

Initial Design

With that in mind, our Creative Lead, Elliot, got to work sketching out some initial ideas. Here’s one of the first iterations of Digit. 

We felt it was important to capture the essence of the brand within the mascot so that Digit could be a creative way of symbolising our core values and company identity. As such, we’ve retained the calculator design from our logo and merged the professional with the personable by humanising an inanimate object with limbs and facial features.  

Digital Design

This was something that really sprung to life when taking the design from paper sketches to digital drawings as we could incorporate some colour to make the mascot pop. The minute Digit went from a grey pencil sketch to a colourful design, it felt like a real personality coming to life which is exactly what we wanted to evoke.  

One of the early digital designs: 

As our customers already using Digit will tell you, he quickly becomes your best mate when it comes to all things bookkeeping. For a job that often causes a headache and brings little joy, it’s important to have someone by your side injecting a bit of colour and fun into the organisational chaos! 

That’s why we finally settled on the design iteration below as your ultimate helping hand. Our priority is making sure you feel secure, supported and ready to take on your daily finances with confidence! One look at Digit’s reassuring smile and we know your stress will slowly start to trickle away.


We then decided to go one step further and create a Digit plushie. Here’s the first instance of Digit in the real-world, on hand to help.

Want to find out more about our bookkeeping services and Digit’s role? We’ll let Digit lead the way… 

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