Filing services

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£349 +VAT

File your company accounts

with Brian

£349 +VAT

£349 +VAT

What are filing services?

By law, all UK companies have to file their company accounts online each year. This has to be done regardless of whether the business is ‘active’ or ‘dormant’. Dormant businesses are also called ‘non-trading accounts’. If an active or dormant business doesn’t file a set of annual accounts each year, they might have to pay large penalties.  

We know this sounds serious (and it is), but don’t worry. Brian Alfred is here to help. We get that business owners are spinning multiple plates and just don’t always have the time to get their heads around the accounting side of things. So we offer folks like you all the filing services you need to keep your company above board, leaving you free to focus on running your business. 

£349 +VAT

Why choose Bri?

With over 15 years’ experience, Brian Alfred is one of the UK’s leading tax service providers. We have the know-how needed to look after your filing needs, no matter the size, shape or specs of your business. We’ve helped thousands of clients over the years, so you can trust us to give you a reliable and accurate filing service and ensure your company stays compliant with regulations.  

Time is of the essence when it comes to tax filing. We keep our services fast and timely while also paying attention to the little details, so your filings are completed quickly and accurately.


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