Calculate your Rebate

Want to know how much your CIS tax rebate could be worth? Use our online calculator to get an instant estimate!

If you work in the construction industry and get paid through CIS, we’re experts at tax rebates so you know you’re in safe hands. All you need to do is answer a couple of quick questions to see if you’re eligible, then fill in the necessary details to get your estimated tax rebate amount. Want an exact tax refund calculation? Register online, complete your claim and our tax advisors will tell you exactly how much cash you are owed. There’s no obligation to go ahead with our services, until you have agreed your refund with one of our tax advisors.


  • Express online refund service selected.
  • UK tax payer (this calculation is not suitable for Scottish Taxpayers).
  • Voluntary/full Class 2 National Insurance contributions payable.
  • Taxpayer holds copies of all receipts to the value stated in 'Allowable expenses' box.
  • Calculator does not consider any other incomes/reliefs/deductions applicable to taxpayer.
  • Income Tax due reflects estimated tax due solely for 2021/22. This does not reflect any payments on account made towards 2021/22 or due towards 2022/23.

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