How to Claim a CIS Tax Refund

Daily life for builders is busy and amidst a hectic work schedule, your taxes can become the least of your concerns. But it’s good news for construction workers, as you could be entitled to claim a tax rebate for expenses as well as overpaid tax.

To help you find out whether you’re eligible for a refund and how to claim, we’ve created the below handy guide.

What is a tax rebate?

A tax rebate (also known as a tax refund) is a sum of money you can claim back from HMRC if you have paid too much tax in the financial year.

Am I entitled to a rebate?

Under the CIS, it is likely that you will be entitled to a tax rebate, as you will have had 20% tax deducted from your salary to go towards your tax and national insurance contributions.

As a CIS worker, if you’ve paid out of your own pocket for any work-related expenses such as tools and uniforms, you can also claim this amount back. You can find a full list of the expenses you can claim back in our guide here.

For an indication of whether you’re eligible for a rebate, try our online calculator.

How do I claim a rebate?

You can claim your tax rebate through HMRC’s website by following their steps. However, this process can be lengthy and complicated. Instead, we recommend that you use a tax rebate specialist. Having access the right support means you’ll always have a helping hand to guide you through the process and give you any information you need.

For more information about claiming your tax rebate, take a look at our guide here.

Help from Brian Alfred

The rules surrounding tax rebates for CIS workers isn’t always clear and the best way to determine whether you’re entitled to a rebate is to speak to an accountant.

The Brian Alfred team are experts in all things tax, so you can always rely on us to provide the best advice possible. To find out more about your tax rebate, drop us a line on 0800 464 0357 or fill in our contact form.