Limited Company Accountants for Builders

It’s time to put more in your back pocket than just a CIS rebate

First thing’s first, we’re not daft. We know that when someone says the words ‘Accountants for Builders’ then that’s about as interesting as watching the paint dry on your last job.

But stick with us for a minute, because the chances are that we’ll increase your take home pay by up to 18%. And that’s an important point. We’re not saying we’ll save you money, we’re saying that we’ll increase your take home pay!

Talk to us about going limited

We’ll explain how our sister company, ClearSky Business, will form your new company. They specialise in forming limited companies for tradesmen, so you’re in safe hands.

So why go limited?

When you get to certain invoicing levels or open trade accounts, there’re better ways of taking your money out the business. Ultimately this means that you can take home more money each month. And no, it won’t affect any cash work you do.

It’s all about taking advantage of the way companies work. And to do that, you need a really great accountant. One that will help you take home more money AND sort out all of the necessary paperwork.

All you need to do is focus on what you do best.

Increase your take home pay by 18% & ‘limit your liabilities’

The first bit is pretty straight forward, but what do we mean when we say we can limit your liabilities?

Put simply, if something goes wrong on a project and you end up being liable for it, it’s only the assets of your company that can be chased. All your personal things are protected. So you’ll keep your home and everything you’ve worked hard for safe.

But that’s not all. Time is one thing we all need more of and ClearSky Business can save you loads of it by taking over the hassle of your accounts paperwork. Leaving you free to chase the important things in life, or spend the extra cash you’ve taken home.

Brian Alfred, like ClearSky Business, has been helping people in the construction trade for years. We honestly believe that no one understands the building industry like we do.

We talk your language and we’re here to help you every step of the way. From as little as £60 per month we’ll act as your personal accountant. You’ll have someone at the end of the phone who’ll take care of things and help with any questions you might have.

Get you compliant and running tax efficiently

Remove the risk of losing your home, car or possessions

Maximise any CIS /Tax rebates owed

Your own dedicated accountant to help you grow

Giving you more time to get more work in

Call 0800 470 1090

and one of the team will discuss your options