Why Brian Alfred?

We are one of the UK’s leading tax refund specialists for CIS construction workers.

Our expert team have helped thousands of workers ease the pain of filing their tax return whilst claiming a quick tax rebate.

With over 15 years’ experience, we will make sure you claim the right refund amount, helping you maximise your cash with minimum fuss. We’ll also help you to stay on the right side of HMRC and avoid risking an investigation. We provide a 100% guarantee on all our tax rebates, so you don’t need to worry about getting a call from HMRC asking for it back.


Who we help

We’re specialists when it comes to getting construction workers and mechanics their tax rebates. Whether you’re a PAYE roofer, CIS bricklayer or self-employed mechanic; if you incur expenses whilst doing your job day-to-day, you could be entitled to a tax rebate.


Track your claim

As well as our normal paper tax packs, we also have a fully online application process for your tax refund, making it easier than ever to get back what you’re owed. Claim online and you can track your application through your own personalised dashboard so you can keep up to date with your tax refund.


Personal tax advice from a real person

Whether you select an online or postal rebate, there is nothing to pay until you say “yes”.

Our friendly team will contact you directly to answer any questions, explain the process and agree on your rebate amount.


Your tax rebate, your way

There’s no catch, and yes, it’s that fast.

Once we’ve sent off your Tax Return to HMRC, they aim to sort out your repayment within two weeks, but they have to do some security checks first, so keep that in mind. And when we get your repayment from HMRC, we’ll take our fee and send the rest of the cash your way within one Business Day.

Start your claim now and find out how much you’re owed.

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